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Hypernormalization, the Movie

Hypernorn", the movie, is a kind of historical documentary, expensively produced by BBC,

with very dramatic soundtrack apparently intended to elide the jumps in the story. The

narrative stitches together events and people with media bits and solemn voice-over.

The overall effect of the movie is considerable punch. The story it tells of how we got to the

Trump era is plausible, often disturbing, and intermittently persuasive. No doubt more stories to come, with other stitched patterns. Along about 2040, with cool detachment, historians will provide a more fine-grained comprehensive account of the peculiar first two decades of the 21st Century.

RE AI and the Singularity., Why assume that we will be slaves to the AI masters? if they're are bred with a humanesque consciousness, we ought to be able to incorporate an empathy/

compassion gene. What will AI, robotics, bioengineering, and genetic manipulation, etc. look like in 2040, when our younger cohort will be around 70. Maybe the relations will be seamless and beneficent, with AI as our Guide rather than our Master. this is the Hypernorm movie itself. this is a review.

Commentators assure their viewers that this movie will raise many profound questions. I'm not sure what these are, so I invite others to share their thoughts.

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