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"Point of View"

I agree with the common saying "Everyone's entitled to his/her point of view."

I'm a free-thinker: "They can't put you in jail for what you're thinking," I say, and

usually It's true, I think.

"Free speech!" Yes, the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights is one of the greatest virtues of American government, made more precious by the abuses and assaults to which democracy is currently subject. You might call me a Libertarian, or even an anarchist (in its definitional meaning, not in its socio-political connotations) in this arena.

That's my Point of View, based on experience.

From my POV, the ACLU was righteous even when they defended the Nazis marching thru Skokie, a suburb of Chicago home to many families of Holocaust survivors.

I winced to see it, the ugly face of anti-Semitism. I cringe when I see it today.


As Reagan was known as the "Teflon President,"

Trump might become known as the "Slime President" ..

That's my POV; the difference in theirs is like the contrast

between black and orange-blonde.


See David Brooks's recent columns on "Constitutional Localism,"

and videos of his current road trip. Especially his Aspen Institute project.

Also see


My POV from my little hundred-year-old cabin up in Jenkins Hollow overlooked Sperryville and Cliff's Miller's lovely ancestral farm. From his POV, looking back west from his house, we couldn’t see any houses, just deep green hills and an unbroken ridgeline.

Our opposite points of view didn’t divide us, but in fact brought us together in a common cause-- preserving farmland and protecting the Remaining ridgetops from the ugly McMansions already our ridge that we both appreciated!

We made Common Cause in RCCA, the RappCo Conservation Alliance.


Farewell to RappNet,


Please understand that I don't know most of you personally, and others only by old acquaintance. So you can't take anything I say personally in this forum I call POV: COMMENTARY.

If/when I send an ad hominem argument your way from here, think of yourselves as

stick figures with big mouths, and you will understand my POV.

Remember, my POV was Jenkins Hollow, in my hottub,

overlooking Sperryville and Mt. Vernon Farm.

On a clear day, I could almost see Amissville.

RappCo was my place as it is now and has been for all of you.

Out of love of place, your commun-ity grows.

If you treated your common space online half as well as you serve and treasure

your common environment, we'd all be ahead of the game.

Remember too, that my POV is dated,

acquired by experience in RappCo, 1996-2005.

To me, that's its value, in loving memory.. history.

Remember, finally, that my Commentary is based only on a snapshot--

as an intermittent RappNet subscriber since August.

I haven't lived in your shoes for very long, so I shouldn't pretend that I

understand your complex community relations.

So be gracious, and just listen without judgment.

Take what you can use, and discount and discard the rest.

To me, it has been a wild ride, a memory-enhancer, and a perplexing discovery of a

"mature" 21-year old RappNet full of invective and low humor... .. along with its effective functionality in so many ways. So heartfelt thanks for all you have taught me.

Best to all the neighbors,

Happy Thanksgiving.


Bear in mind that I have relied exclusively on RappNet as my POV on the NO BIKE campaign, which I studied very closely in posts and private followups. From my POV, RappNet beat RappNews to a pulp on this one.

By the culmination of the NO BIKE campaign at the 9/5 BOS Town Hall,

I understood the issue very well. I listened intently to the 4-hr meeting,

and have journaled about it as a case study in direct democracy.

Well, to be clear, I know the RappNet side very well-- clearly not the whole story.

And my ignorance is instructive, unencumbered by knowledge of RCCE,

Foothills Forum, and so much else, including the boogymen in 'Lil Wash.


I am very grateful for all I've learned since August, tho I haven't liked it all-- especially Leslie's loss, even in RappCo and Madison. I should have listened to the pros with their ears to the ground, and certainly shouldn't have given Ben 2-1 odds.

I've forsworn party politics-- I'm putting my faith in community resilience.

(Oh, and poker, if you know of a game.)

cheers, b.


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