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Father's Day

Dear Family. I sure enjoyed having the kids come down last weekend for an early Father's Day. I felt good about going over the Five Wishes packet. Quality time. Today, the official Father's Day, I find myself thinking about my own father-- fleeting flashes of memory, disguised and distorted now, 59 years after his death in 1959. My father was kind, gentle, compassionate, thoughtful, wise-- virtues of character I much admire. Both parents exemplified civic virtue as well, supporting and participating in various community activities and organizations.

But now, with the onset of the Trump era, it seems that traditional virtues are for chumps and losers. Who cares about civility or personal integrity? Lying, cheating, bullying-- that's the path for winners. Trump's shameless narcissism and brazen corruption have already corsened public discourse and corroded civic life as well as neutering a once-proud political party-- and the Trump movement, animated by white grievance (50% of white Americans report feeling discriminated against, according to today's NYT), will be with us for a generation at least. The grandkids will still be dealing with its toxic repercussions in 2040. It makes me very sad.

Well, we're here now. It was a beautiful clear morning here today, and the trees are lush green.

There is Beauty beyond the ugliness, and much to be grateful for.

Love, Gramps

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