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Dear Family,

Health report results all good so far, and I'm feeling much better. Blood pressure normal, EKG unchanged from last year, echocardiogram is clear. My only medication is a baby aspirin a day. My annual physical exam revealed nothing of medical interest, but there was a peculiar twist. The doctor did give me a prescription: Invisible Fence.

As it turns out, Lindsay, the doctor, is a dog person. More particularly, a life=long Lab person. She wasn't impressed with my travails with Gracie-- dismissive, actually-- or the package of symptoms I had accumulated, and was happy to share her experience-- her expertise, comparable to her medical expertise, I suppose. "You only really need three commands" she said. "Come, sit, and place." Blah-blah. "Labs are puppies until they are three; so don't despair. But I can't wait that long, I said. "Maybe you're just catastrophizing", she said, as she referred me to the local invisible fence company her family has used for two generations.

Miraculously, all my symptoms have abated. (In fact, most had abated by the time I saw her.)

So I'm chalking up the whole episode to "nervous exhaustion, largely self-induced."

I just plucked two factoids out of my "news" stream:86% of Republicans support Trump. ..who has told3000 lies in 466 days, according to FactChecker.What is going on here?


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