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Five Wishes, etc.

Dear Family. I've completed the Five Wishes packet on death/dying, discussing each aspect with Alexis. So she knows my wishes, and has my medical power of attorney. I'll attach it or send it when I get it notarized. I'll go over it with my kids when they come to visit in a couple of weeks. The packet is well-designed and comprehensive, better than the usual forms and checklists.

I'll also add idiosyncratic details here like 1) no memorial service per se; more informal gathering up to family; 2) spread ashes willy-nilly in special places of memory, as convenient-- e.g., the Arch, the Tree House, Mechanicsburg Cemetery; 3) see GooglePlay for some fave songs; more particulars in file with will (needs notarizing), etc.-- Alexis knows.

love from me.


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