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Living Gracefully

Reminder to Self: Pay Attention. The Sun is Shining. The Breeze is Sweet. The Hound is Napping. Mellow Music Hum and Glow. At Month PG3 (Post-Gracie), recalibrating, stabilizing, recovering from Month One & Two.. We're here now.

I'm still embodying the lessons learned, I suppose, in muscles and joints as well as nerves and jangled emotions. Just today I feel a shift in attitude, signaling renewal in the offing. The accumulated frustration and fatigue made me very irritable and irrascible, which feeds on itself in a most unattractive fashion., and indeed is corrosive both to the sufferer and those about him.

(I am sorry, A.)

One lesson, perhaps, is: Never try to match the energy of a 9-mo old Lab. I'm still looking for a (lower) vibrational level that harmonizes with hers. So I've reduced the frequency and intensity of our interaction, and we are practicing "place" command, which allows her to settle. Alexis says I need to learn the place command myself. Well, I'll settle.. maybe, and live more gracefully.


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