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"Where's My Roy Cohn?"

5-8. Our Boss Trumpeter insulted and abused Michael Cohen for a long time before the fixer was raided. No longer useful as a shield, he's now wrung out and discarded like a used tissue. Respectable lawyers with a distaste for taint wouldn't want the job as DT's Roy Cohn, and others wouldn't admit to it. Enter Rudy Guiliani. fresh as a daisy and ready for combat. Well, he's no Roy Cohn, but he's relentless and shameless, brave in the face of slings and arrows, ready for martyrdom if such be his fate.

Rudy is the ideal Flack-Catcher. Note how effectively he directed the attention to himself in his first week by saying wrong and stupid stuff while Papa looked on with a benign smile and an indulgent "he'll get his facts straight"-- as if the orange one could recognize a "straight fact."

Rudy wasn't shy about acknowledging his role.. I saw him on TV-- the President and I have a deal, he said, elevating himself to equal partner, I'll take care of [Stormy, Cohen, his lawyer their lawyers, Muller and so forth] so he can deal with Iran, North Korea, {etc.]] Having agreed to that,

and needing no encouragement to act autonomously, Rudy sallies forth. It is understood that he is on his own, that he should keep a distance, and think "plausible deniability." Thus, later, when the smoke screen vanishes, the dust settles, and Rudy Rudy is naked in public, the Gold King can shrug and move on. Bear in mind that he still has Chris Christie in mothballs for when he needs another shield.


My guess is Rudy will hold his own, but won't displace Stormy from center stage, overexposed though she is, and her gabby lawyer who seems in danger of overreaching.. and oh,, Cohen's gabby lawyer, and his lawyer, I guess. The gentlemanly attorneys on the Russia investigation Sekulow and the mustachioed Twain-like Ty Cobb-- are gone, and new sharks are in? How many lawyers in this clown car? Who gets the limelight today?.

My hope? We don't let the subplots distract us from the less titillating deeper problems. I've only been back watching the news for less than a week, and my emotional health is already suffering.

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