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Mark. Well,

Welcome to our guest. Bro Mark Catron. I asked him if I could post this powerful commentary on this week's "news" in fantasy politics. We, and my sister Jenni, have been commiserating, sharing our outrage and sadness at Trump's wanton destruction and corruption of our beloved country-- great and good, as we were raised to believe. Here is Mark:

.The insanity of each day surpasses the last with this evil idiot. He is running through lawyers like a man with stomach flu runs through toilet tissue. And each of them comes out smelling about like that, too. I don’t think Rudy is the answer. Calls to mind Rudy's performance at the GOP convention, with wild eyes, that crazy grin, foaming at the mouth. “But he’s new on the job!” says the Evil Idiot, hasn’t quite just got his facts straight. What a peculiar scene: as if Trump knows what a fact is.

Stop and consider where we are: the president of the United States has confirmed payments of hush money to a porn star! And neither his party nor his vaunted Christian supporters (anybody remember all that talk about “Family Values”?) utters a peep.My Mview is that there is no hope whatsoever that spineless Congress will ever do anything to reassert the sanity of a true balance of power. They are attacking the prosecutors, for cripes sake.The only ones who speak out are the cowards who are retiring. And if the SCOTUS had the balls to steal an election from Al Gore then this pack of jokers will find a way to do the bidding of the Big Orange One. Can you imagine Clarence Thomas thinking twice about an effort to bring a fellow abuser to justice?

No, I believe our one hope is that Trump’s ever growing ego compels him to testify voluntarily, under oath, before Muller or one of his experienced prosecutors. (He says he’d really like to!) The Evil Idiot’s default position is a lie: he is not moored to the wharf of reality…in fact, he’s well out into his own sea of self-aggrandizing make-believe. And Muller’s team has been hard at work, I think, digging deep in the muck from which this president has emerged. And though perhaps they haven’t yet the goods to convict on obstruction, they certainly have enough to snap the trap on the Evil One’s many lies. As with WJC and RMN it’s not the crime but the effort to conceal it that might do in President Goofy.

God help us.

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