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dog training, retracted

As we approach 90 days with Gracie, my learning and understanding have reached a whole new level. Most everything I said in my journal and commentary during March I now humbly recant. Indeed, some of my arrogance and ignorance as revealed in those posts I would now like to expunge from my permanent record. So just treat those blog posts as prep for my fictional tale of a hapless would-be dog whisperer, worked into my Tales of Buster and Katie Loo series.

Our trainer is wonderful. Watching her work-- with the electronic collar, the crate, and great skill and patience-- I see everything I've done wrong, and also that I would never have succeeded in my strategy. Plus I've learned I am incompetent at operant conditioning in any case.

So thank goodness for Heather; don't bother to read the Gracie journal except for clues what not to do.i Everyone seems to agree that it will be "awhile" before she is ready trained.


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