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Choosing Limits, Afterthoughts

Where to draw the line? A line in the sand, or lines on a paper, solid or perforated, creating forms from ideas. It could be that I'm wasting my time trying to figure such questions out, as they are largely determined by factors beyond my rational intentions.

Motive force, the energy that moves us, is e-motive, visceral. Anger, fear and lust are strong drivers, considerable motivators of human behavior, and source of untold misery and cruelty.

And then, on the "pull" side, the three glittering attractors-- fame, power and money-- assuage the ego needs, for a time. Where does reason come into it?

How many of your life choices have been made primarily by ratiocination-- dispassionate analysis and cool reason? If dispassionate, where did the passion come from to ACT on a decision. There's a difference between deciding to climb a mountain and being on top, as Herbert Simon pointed out.


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