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Moving On

Life with Gracie has settled down considerably. We have comfortable routines, we know what to expect from each other, and we are blessed that she takes naps between her active periods. Alexis and I have teamed up well to care for her and move her training along. Gracie loves riding in the back of Alex's car, but still won't tolerate mine. We're working on it.

Meanwhile, though, with my back going out, etc., I've continued to modify the studio space to suit our various needs, and begun to design a flagstone patio under the deck, leading to the side yard where she pees and poops. A huge collateral benefit of being housebound is that the downstairs kitchen area and workshop are also completely organized, down to the drawers. Now I'm eager to get back to my art play again.

The Story of Gracie continues, of course, but I'm done with the daily log.


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