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Dog People

I rarely meet a "dog person" I don't like. Of course, I/we feel a kinship and share a few words about our dogs when I meet them on the trail. But maybe it's more than that-- maybe dog people have more empathy, compassion, patience, love of nature's bounty and beauty, etc, -- or something else-- that sets them apart. Who am I to judge?

Have you noticed how experienced dog owners love to share their experience, and are often

free with advice about how you ought to be raising your dog? Since I've been looking for support and help dealing with Gracie, I've found most people don't want to hear your story. They are eager to tell you their own, and they generally expect you to learn a better way from it.

Hey, I'm looking for help with THIS dog, Right Now. Don't give me your theories about foster dogs, or rave about your success with potty training to paper. Don't tell me about the "little pen" for your feral dog you built in the side yard when you were a teenager. I don't need to hear your wise counsel about barking dogs, diggers, or mitigating aggressive behavior in your pit bull.

My 20 years raising Gaia and Buster did not prepare me for Gracie.

Dog people, you gotta love 'em, even when they aren't humble.


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