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Grace Notes 5

Thurs, Mar 8-- Nearly everything was off-kilter this afternoon, and we are exhausted. We had a fine morning of ball play and birdwatching, and a nice nap, but she was above her hyper level most of the afternoon, and in no mood to learn at her PetCo lesson. Both our trainers say she's a difficult one.. I don't know whether that's reassuring or not.

My biggest challenge other than rope burns from leash-pulling, is keeping myself disciplined and focused, remembering all the steps, and doing them in the right order. When she and I are both distracted and frazzled, unhappy frustration is our lot. I missed, misread or moved too slow with both pee and poop today. As I'm cleaning up one, she's providing the other across the room. Definitely exceeds my frustration tolerance.


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