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Grace Notes 2

Day 18, Training w Heather begun. Some success with potty training outside-- two (large) poops, two pees in one morning. Dog training successes might not seem a big deal to you, but just try to civilize a 50 lb puppy!

Busy morning, two training sessions outside, leash and offleash. Still pulls uncontrollably when on scent-- doesn't even know I'm back there. But responsive and much improved otherwise. Off leash on tennis court at dawn, excellent experience in every respect-- her autonomy and exercise, commands like come and sit, directional training ("this way", as I change the direction I'm walking), reassurance about outside noises and distractions.

Most fun of all, she's learning to play "kick", like young Buster and I did for many hours: I kick our rubber ball, she brings it back, I kick it again. Just for fun! No treats needed. Though I give her some, especially at the end (when I say "all done"). (Well, it isn't quite that simple. She's still learning to drop it at my feet.)

So she's learning thru all channels, voice, eye and hand commands and movement control and boundaries. What could be a better environment!

Well, it's naptime. Don't want to miss it!


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