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Touched by Grace

I was touched by Grace when I saw that one, first picture. I'll post it. She had an expression that made me laugh out loud, and then my heart melted. That was it. I was in love. It was a straight-on head shot. She had her head cocked quizzically, her brow knitted as if to say "Where am I? And who are you?" This is Day 4, and I haven't seen that look again. So I assumed she was a Lab-Hound mix, as indeed she is. But she has the body type of a Whippet, a small dainty Greyhound.

Well, yes, she's cute-- in fact she's gorgeous, with Gaia's hound ears and pointy nose, and even the white chest patch. But yikes, she's 7 mo, 42 lbs, not potty-trained, and billed as "very frisky." Whoa! Alex and I both knew this sounded like more than we could do. But, well, you know.. there she was, in Alex's research, a 2-time foster adolescent thru a great outfit called, I think, Greater Richmand Lab Rescue Center. But no, wait, let's not pick the first one-- like a Christmas tree, you gotta look at 'em all.. and you always find the perfect one! Remember? The best one ever.

So, there was Henley, a Yellow Lab, sweet and tired-looking, whose family was giving her up on her 7th Birthday, Can you imagine, after 7 years in the family? Nasty divorce, whatever..

Then there was Cammy.. Camille or Camelia.. in NC. Then there was DUKE, a noble looking dude. Etc. Oh my God. All these sad stories. A. looked at them all; I couldn't bear it.

We put in the papers on both Grace-- Raven as she was called, her other name--- and poor Henley, ready to take either. Well, Karma being what it is, the one we both loved came first!

I am sooooo grateful.

In my next post on Grace, and in an on-going occasional series called GRACE NOTES, I will continue to explore my kinship with this wondrous creature. I never saw another picture, and this is Day 3, and I have not seen that look again.


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