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Grace Notes, 1

Tuesday, Day 11. I've learned a whole lot, quickly. WE have learned a lot, and I mean Alexis and Grace as well. Grace came with a lot of bad habits, and not many good ones. A. and I moved fast to rearrange some rooms and block others off, open the garage and set up for Gracie to inhabit as she will. She also has access to downstairs for active play, and living/dining room for napping and chewing kongs and bully sticks.

Our two immediate priorities are leash training and potty training, both of which are taxing our limits. She drags me down the trail, following the scent. She seems to think going outside is to have fun and inside is to pee and poop. We don't have the techniques and the rhythms estaablished yet, but Trainer Aaron is great, and I have supreme confidence that we will make it thru this phase to easier days ahead. Meantime, A. and I are pretty tired and beaten up.


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