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Meet Grace and Stewart

Meet my friends, Grace and Stewart. Old friends, very old. I’ve only recently rediscovered them.. and now they are a couple, a pair! And what a pair! How two such different beings could be joined at the hip is beyond me.. beyond my pay grade, as it were.

Grace, the old soul, is dazzling as ever. In fact, I find her vibe blinding bright, so I mostly admire her from a distance. She was born somewhere else, and her English is hard to understand.

Stewart, on the other hand, acts like the buddy I didn’t remember I had. I just lost my dog Buster.. HE was a buddy like that. I talked to him unself-consciously, and very directly, with and without words. As long as I held his attention, he understood me nearly perfectly. Precisely because he paid very close attention to me, he learned more human than I did dog.

But back to Steward (whoops, Stewart).. To Be Continued.

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