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Squirrel, Redux

Remember, kids, in an early post last year I explained to you about Squirrel? How he is a neighbor in our woods, but not a friend. Well, since Buster isn't here to chase them away, they have become a pest. When I go out to shoo them, they run off a few yards and sit and look at me. That is way too friendly for a wild animal to act. Remember? Squirrels and deer and other woodland animals are not pets. There are also way too many of them now, babies last spring well-fed on our birdfood. What to do?

Well, we could stop feeding the birds as we did last summer. Or, I could get a gun and shoot the little vermin (you see how sour neighborly relations can become). Instead, I'm trapping them and moving them over to the Park, you know, near the playground. They will be cold, and have to find their own food. They will have to remember how to be wild animals again.. until they can get in a neighborhood friendly to birds and feast again.

I relocated 4 yesterday and 4 so far today. Buster would be pleased. The Park is only 3 miles away, and connected to us by trees lining streams and roads, so maybe they'll find their way back. I'll know if they do, because I color-coded all of them.

The biggest one was our nemesis, so I painted him red. The two adolescents, who I caught together.. Wow, were they mad.. are now lime green. And the little female is a cute pink blond.

The five I caught the next day are yellow, orange, dark green, sky blue pastel, and a nice Ives Klein Blue, ultramarine. They kept coming. Caught a pair together yesterday, neon pink (John's choice) bring the total to an even dozen.

There were 4 here yesterday, and I took two. So how many did I have this morning? 4. So the saga continues.

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