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Russia Investigation Pivotal

Thanks, Jen, for sending me the Chomsky article ( ) that argues, among other things, that Russia's subversion of the U.S. election isn't as big a deal as many progressives believe. I disagree. The investigation, especially Muller but also Congress, is the one thing that could lead to DTs impeachment. And it WAS subversion, and successful at that, in tandom with WikiMischief, and that November gift from Comey-- that DID determine the outcome of the election.

No, the U.S. has no moral high ground in this.. but why should we need it? The Russians haven't quit the cyberwar just because they got caught. So we need to dig for every bit of info on their modes and techniques. And we need to know who colluded with them before or after the fact-- during the campaign, from the beginning.. and during the transition, when Trump(ies) had no authority to act-- e.g., to promise to relieve sanctions. And we need to know as much as we can about which of this cast of dubious characters is now "off the books" with the Russians.

Here's a bet: If Muller goes after his finances, DT will fire him, heedless of the costs. We already know, with considerable certainty, that DTs taxes and dealings won't tolerate the light of day.

The only question is one of documentary proof. Of course. Crucial evidence. So the bet is that he will go for it, relentlessly, and DT will fire him, with or without Sessions or Rosenstein to do the deed (which legally requires, as I understand it, a Senate-ratified Justice Dept official).

Then, likely, Congress moves toward drafting Articles of Impeachment. And the "Constitutional crisis" is set in full motion.

Or maybe not. We'll see soon enough.

Thanks for sharing!


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