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Sad, you say? Mean?

Dear DT, sad to say I told you so. You are stuck now with TrumpCare, whatever happens. You can't set Ryan or McConnell up as fall guys any more. The only way to avoid the tar baby health care has become for you was "Medicare for All"-- a true populist sentiment which you once endorsed (for a week or two, maybe). Better health coverage for everyone, and cheaper, you said. Everyone knows that's not the direction Republicans in Congress are going. The Senate bill is about as bad as the House bill; if they pass it and it goes to conference, we'll probably get some of the worst of both.

One last chance to take the bold step, reject this loser that will hurt millions of people and make them very mad at you, and endorse a simple single-payer system. You'll seduce a lot more Dems than you will lose Repubs, and make history. Such a bold reversal will also distract attention from the investigation of TrumpTeam collusion with Russia, the biggest danger you face.

Never Yours, blc

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