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No Bogeyman

No, kids, there's no Bogeyman either. No Santa. No Easter Bunny. No Tooth Fairy. And no Bogeyman under the bed or in the front yard. Well, of course, you knew that; your parents assured you there was no such thing... well, but of course there was that tooth fairy.. I imagine it is a strange world to you, Little One, to comprehend all this fuss and human activity. It is confusing, I know that!

Why are so many people afraid of so many things? Ordinary things, like frogs and spiders. But also so many things that are figments of worry about the future or taboo about the past. Why? They soak themselves in media that turn on the Monkey Mind that dominates today's well-informed person. Oh, there's so much to fear in the world!! Be afraid. Be very afraid. Pile this all on top of the other stressors of daily life?! No, no, and no. My advice is: "Wake UP! Where are you right now? Plant your feet and take three big breaths.. Stay Present.. Pay Attention." When I do that, I find that My Real World, the one I actually live in, is not the least bit fearful in any way.

What do you make of that?

What's true and false, right and wrong, good and bad.. and why don't all these adults agree about such things? I never figured that out. I do remember thinking, "if they lied to me about Santa Claus, maybe they're lying about God, too-- or the Bogeyman." Something karmic in that, it seems, since I pursued philosophy from a tender age, and was thoroughly infected by dualistic thinking, until I encountered Pythagoras's Monads. But that's another story.

Well, kids, play with Metatron's Cube and I'll check in with you later. Gramps.

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