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Ex Nihilo

Have you ever created something from nothing? How did you do it? The Big Bang Theory, now back in vogue among cosmologists, I believe, posits such a thing about the creation of the Universe-- it, we, every thing-- came from nothing. They tend to be more interested in the several nanoseconds after the Big Bang than in what (?) preceded it, leaving it to philosophers and theologians to speculate about the First Cause, the Unmoved Mover, the Uncreated Creator -- if any. Well, of course, for millennia, God of 1000 Names has served that role for cultures and religions around the world. Canonical texts and Risen Masters attest to the Truth, and the rest is left to the Mysteries of the Gods.

Let's see. If matter = particular configurations of energy, and there was no matter at the moment of the Big Bang, it all must have been energy, right.. "potential energy" made manifest? The Void is empty, and yet holds promise for the future? But neither Time nor Space, nor Space-Time could exist in a Void-- by definition, there is no "existence." Our cause-effect reasoning is thwarted; we can only reason backwards: We experience the Actuality, so we can only assume the (prior) Potentiality. The end.

But the spiritual ("metaphysical") quest to apprehend the "Manifestation Point" has not abated, especially how life emerged from non-life. Very special configurations of chemical elements in a conducive environment are necessary, evidently. But is that sufficient explanation for the infusion of the elan vital, the vital spark, the breath of life? More on that later, kids. Time for bed.

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