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Vibrating Strings

Yes, kids, there are many of what they call The Universe.

I just watched a video on String Theory in Quantum Physics (.LINK) As I understand it, there are 11 Dimensions, plus one for measure. (Or maybe fewer, they say; no consensus.) How many do you think there are?

ALL created from these dancing singing sparkling, ethereal vibrating strings. All.. ALL..Everything! WOW??! From tiny tiny strings? Like music? That sounds like pure energy-- whiter than white, way beyond our frequency. And now there are things everywhere, growing and developing and changing like, well, like everything. How did that happen?

Well, the video says there are five theories. Five. At least four wrong. So it got me imaging, and spinning my own theory based on what I know (or think I do). (Spoiler Alert: I think of the wee beasties as oval energy packets packing information. See the book Vibrational Medicine, and learn about the Tree of Life. pictured.)

This must be the Divine Harmony, the Music of the Spheres, as Pythagoras understood and preached. His disciples perfected understanding of the "Platonic Solids" 300 years (CK) before Plato. In those days, the smart, lucky and patient kids learned the mysteries of three subjects: Music, Astronomy and Mathematics. You could do worse.

Mathematics Underlies Substance, Material.

Plato is to Form (/= Idea) as Pythagoras is to Number (the Nomad Monad).

(insert PDF, Pythagoras)

So just imagine now, where do these musical information packets get their creative force-- their motive force, their Force of Creation. (To Be Continued; Serial). (By communing.)


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