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The Tron Family

Hi, Kids. If you are at the tippy-top of your family tree, the latest bud and blossom, the Tron family is down at the roots. Way back, beyond the stars, shrouded in the mist of Deep Time. All the ancestors have mothers and fathers, and all the mothers and fathers have mothers and fathers. The ancestors had brothers and sisters and cousins who created branches and twigs of their own. And so it goes, back toward a Beginning. But what beginning? Did we come ultimately from fallout from a Big Bang? So embodied consciousness is no more than evolved stardust?

The study of human origins (paleoanthropology) provides its clues and theories, as does study of the earliest known civilizations and languages. Scholars propound interpretations of myths and stories (Joseph Campbell, James Hillman). But mostly we believe what we learned, true and false, from parents, teachers, friends, in our cultural milieu under given socioeconomic and historical circumstances. How could it be otherwise? We all hold many false beliefs, which is a good reason to be humble.

We know nothing, really, about the Original Ancestor of the Tron Clan-- how could we? You will hear many stories, like the one about Adam and Eve. Some may be true, or truer than others, but what is True? Real? (Remember Santa and the Easter Bunny.) We don't even know the derivation of the name Tron, which means different things in its Latin and Greek roots, and in earlier languages.

What we do know is that we are all related. So, the next time you meet a stranger, assume he or she is your cousin, and act accordingly.

love from Gramps


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