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DT #4

Dear DT,

Now your brand is tainted. You couldn't make the deal.

If you'd kept your distance, it'd just be Ryan disgraced and humiliated--

You kept asking staff, "Is this a good bill?" I wish you had asked people who actually know-- it was always a loser-- especially for millions of your core constituents.

But it isn't too late to claim the high ground.

PIVOT: Just tweet tomorrow::

"Let's keep it simple. Why not MEDICARE FOR ALL??"

That will turn the Congress topsy-turvy, and reveal its impotence and incompetence.

Only you, again, will be able to save the day, with free rein and a firm hand over the Congress.

I hope you read my earlier column, "Luxury Dying in America." Most of us don't die in gated compounds with all the amenities of Mar-la-ago.

Never Yours,



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