2017.  Alexis and I are happy to be home in the Blue Ridge, and we love Charlottesville. My days are organized around long walks on the River Trail with Buster and time in my studio. This site gives me a space to collect residual fragments, to recollect some figments, and to display current work.  

A friend said I was looking grizzled. I said, "Oh, good, I've been cultivating this look for 75 years." Here I am, freshly formed.

Sketch by Davette, who also painted the Nuthatch logo. iFormal attire for Janel and Paul's wedding,  2014.tForme Title

Colored pencil sketch by my 10-year-old friend, Uriel Ruiz. And a Self-Portrait (age withheld), decoupage by my proud mother, Connie Catron.