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Bayard L. Catron
Professor Emeritus
George Washington University

Dad's 80th

Dad's 80th

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It's all about meI'm so grateful to my kids, Bayard and Janel, for compiling this slideshow video for my 80th birthday celebration.

Best birthday ever!  They have also been shooting video "interviews" with me over the past year and putting them on the 




Catron Channel

Their initiative has stimulated me to embark on a life review, pull together old photos and family histories, and create this website. It feels good!

kids as teeens_edited.jpg

Janel and Bayard, c. 1980

Small Title

Some Early Family History - compiled 1980-85


B. Lacey Catron

Preface and


Agnes Fullenwider


Bayard Lacey Catron




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Most of my career was at George Washington University (1973-2001) teaching public policy courses to MPA and PhD  students. I chaired the Department from 1978-80.

Here's the long form of my resume.

ART and ME

Self-portrait, age .JPG
Introduction to Art
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Agnes FullenwiderArtist Name
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agnes adult.jpg

AAAgnes Fullenwider, c. 1903

I was seized by art auction fever around 1980, when Bev and I bought 29 pieces at  a champagne cocktail brunch and art auction for the benefit of the OT Association. It took an hour to stuff them all into the Nash Rambler. Most have been dispersed. This pencil drawing by Amen is now over son Bayard's fireplace. Most of the collection was acquired after 1995.

The RappCo Years, 1996-2005

John Kirchner
John Kirchner

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